Nov 23


Love Prints and Posters

When I go to the beach, I do not just hang out, swim, and get sunburned. I bring my camera and draw in the sand. The best time to do this is around sunset and to have a steady hand. The first three pictures illustrate this.

The second two photographs are the same one, one in black and white and one in color. This is the product of my being bored and stuck in my room. I used one of my pairs of Converse and their long laces to write out “love” and simply laid on the floor to take pictures.

The last two are probably some of my favorites. At least once a year my sister and I get our hands on some sparklers and use my camera to have to fun. Most of the time we draw loop-d-loops and fail at drawing things (neither of us can draw). It is especially hard to write with sparklers because you have a limited amount of time (the shutter speed) to write whatever you wants backwards; in order for the pictures to be read the correct way, you must write backwards. You may say that that is easy, but it is harder than it looks. When you’re rushed you suddenly forget hot to write backwards. And there’s no starting over because there’s only so many sparklers. For these I just used put my camera on “Star Mode;” this gave me the option to set the shutter speed at 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 60 seconds. All of them will do, it just depends on what you want to capture. Remember that the longer your shutter is open, the more that will show up. Try and pick a somewhat picturesque background and depending on how much you want to write or draw, you can adjust your shutter speed accordingly.

All of my pictures are available for purchase!

Do you have pictures of you writing or drawing in the dark? I wanna see them! Email them to me at visionsphotographybyashley@gmail.com !


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