Jun 23

Color Selection in Photoshop Elements 10

Color Selection in Photoshop Elements 10

Ever seen those photographs where only one color is visible, and the rest of the image is in black and white? Well now you can do it too with this tutorial!

Start with a picture that has a main focus on something that is a vibrant color. I picked this one and I’m going to make it to where you can just see the color red.


Open your selection in Photoshop.


Create a copy of the background layer by pressing Command+J on a Mac (or Cntrl+J on a PC). Now click on the new layer you’ve created.


We are going to desaturate this layer. You can do this by going to “Quick” in your right-hand toolbar and sliding the desaturation bar to the left (pictured below) or going to “Enhance” in the upper toolbar and clicking on “Convert to Black and White.” After completing this step, the image you see should be black and white.



Still working in the copied layer, we are now going to select what you want to become colorized again. There are multiple ways of doing the actual selecting, but once selected, simply press delete on your keyboard. This will delete that portion of the layer, and will allow the colored background layer to show through. You can use the eraser tool and slowly erase the area, or you can use one of the selection tools (e.g., the magnetic lasso tool) to make a selection that you subsequently delete.





Now “flatten” your image by pressing the little arrow and lines in your layers panel and click “flatten image.” This allows you to save it as a pdf or jpeg without losing any data.



And ta-da!! You are now finished! Unless you want to combine effects such as an HDR! Which is what I did (see below)! Click here for my HDR tutorial.


Now you too can impress your friends with color-selection photos! Enjoy!



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