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Jun 23

Color Selection in Photoshop Elements 10

Color Selection in Photoshop Elements 10 Ever seen those photographs where only one color is visible, and the rest of the image is in black and white? Well now you can do it too with this tutorial! Start with a picture that has a main focus on something that is a vibrant color. I picked this …

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Jun 23

21st Century Social Media & Me

21st Century Social Media & Me There’s just so many social media websites out there, I didn’t know which to choose! Which is why I have so many! Check them out:   Buy my stuff! I now have an Etsy shop:   For more recent updates and pictures: Flickr:   Follow me on Facebook …

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Feb 07

9 Great Landscape Photography Tips

9 Great Landscape Photography Tips The Contest A couple of days ago I entered into a photography contest through the Arlington Museum of Art called Image as Art. The winners get a decent sum of money ($1,000 for first place) and the top 100 entries get the honor of being displayed in an exhibit which …

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Aug 31

Tilt Shift Tutorial – Create Tilt Shift Photography

Tilt Shift Tutorial Tilt Shift Photography has become fairly popular over the past few years in the field of photography. A “tilt shift” effect takes a scene and makes it look as if it’s a photograph of a miniature scene. It works by using a blur effect to simulate a small depth of field that …

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Jul 13

HDR in Photoshop Tutorial

HDR in Photoshop Tutorial In photography, HDR stands for “high dynamic range.” By combining three photographs with different exposures, a more dynamic scene appears, a scene that’s closer to what your eyes see than what the camera sees. Because we’re in the 21st century, smart phones have an option for this and all you do …

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Jun 05

Leading Lines in Photography

Leading Lines in Photography Another popular compositional rule that you’ll learn about in a photography class is leading lines. The idea is that using lines in a photograph, whether they be natural or man-made, can lead the viewer’s eyes to a certain point or subject and therefore make the photograph more interesting. Leading lines can …

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Jun 04

Rule of Thirds in Photography

Rule of Thirds in Photography If you were to take a class in photography, one of the first things you would learn is a compositional rule known as the rule of thirds. The point of the rule of thirds in photography is to guide photographers to create more interesting and dynamic shots by discouraging them …

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May 28

Claim What’s Yours – How to Add a Watermark to Your Photos

How to Add a Watermark in Photoshop Elements 10 Modern day technologies such as the internet and photo sharing websites have become an every day gift and problem from us photographers. It makes it easier to expand your following, but it also makes it easier for others to use your pictures without your permission (which …

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Jan 24

Camera Modes

Ever wonder what the P, A, S, and M stand for on your digital camera’s mode dial? Most dials have more than just those options, but the letters are the most common, along with some form of a green camera. The green camera (on the camera in the picture it’s the option that says “auto” …

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Nov 23


Love Prints and Posters When I go to the beach, I do not just hang out, swim, and get sunburned. I bring my camera and draw in the sand. The best time to do this is around sunset and to have a steady hand. The first three pictures illustrate this. The second two photographs are …

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