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Feb 07

9 Great Landscape Photography Tips

9 Great Landscape Photography Tips The Contest A couple of days ago I entered into a photography contest through the Arlington Museum of Art called Image as Art. The winners get a decent sum of money ($1,000 for first place) and the top 100 entries get the honor of being displayed in an exhibit which …

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Nov 23


Love Prints and Posters When I go to the beach, I do not just hang out, swim, and get sunburned. I bring my camera and draw in the sand. The best time to do this is around sunset and to have a steady hand. The first three pictures illustrate this. The second two photographs are …

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Nov 20

It’s a Bug’s Life – Insect Photography


Insect Photography Even though it’s November, the bugs and butterflies are still out in Texas!   My Gear: These pictures were taken using a Nikon D3200, Panasonic DMC-ZS5, and the last photograph listed was actually taken with my old film camera! ~Ashley

Nov 09

It’s a Beautiful Day – Senior Portraits

Word from the wise: don’t try and fight the crowds at the Arboretum on a Saturday morning. After a long drive there, we were forced to find another location. We took some photos somewhere else that morning and decided to meet again the following week for some sunset pictures. I have to say I like …

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Oct 02

Hot Air Balloon Photos

Hot Air Balloon Photos In August of 2012, I woke up bright (technically not bright because it was still dark outside) and early and went to the Plano Balloon Festival. I had never been to a balloon festival before and boy are they spectacular. Two balloons were set up for the “night glow,” and this …

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Sep 13

Pretty Pictures of Flowers

Pretty Pictures of Flowers Over the years, I’ve collected quite a few pictures of flowers. Below are m some tips for your own endeavors in the subject and my efforts at flower photography. Flower Photography Tips: 1. Don’t take flower pictures in direct sunlight. This causes a huge contrast and can take away from the …

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Aug 21

Photographing Lightning

Photographing Lightning Of all the pictures I’ve taken, the picture included in this post is probably one of my favorites. It took over 250 pictures to get this one; I just sat there and kept taking pictures until I got that one shot. This particular photo used ISO 100, f/2.8, and a shutter speed of …

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Aug 13

Preview: Tilt Shift Photography

Tilt Shift Photography I recently discovered the phenomenon of tilt shift photography and have since tried my hand at the art.¬†This is actually a fake tilt shift, meaning it wasn’t created by a special lens, but instead was the product of photoshop. You may wonder how it works: When a photographer blurs the foreground and …

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Aug 13

Washington State: Seattle, The Space Needle, Hurricane Ridge, and Olympic National Park

Washington State: Seattle, The Space Needle, Hurricane Ridge, and Olympic National Park It’s been a while since my last post, but that is because it took so long to compile this one. In August I went on a vacation where we visited Crescent Lake, Washington, Seattle, the Space Needle in Seattle Washington, Hurricane Ridge, and …

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Jul 28

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain Almost a year ago, in 2011, I went to Barcelona, Spain, with my family. It was my first time overseas and the culture and architecture simply amazed me. The flight to get there was a little traumatizing at a vicious ten-plus hours, but it was well worth it and I hope to go …

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