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Nov 23


Love Prints and Posters When I go to the beach, I do not just hang out, swim, and get sunburned. I bring my camera and draw in the sand. The best time to do this is around sunset and to have a steady hand. The first three pictures illustrate this. The second two photographs are …

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Oct 02

Hot Air Balloon Photos

Hot Air Balloon Photos In August of 2012, I woke up bright (technically not bright because it was still dark outside) and early and went to the Plano Balloon Festival. I had never been to a balloon festival before and boy are they spectacular. Two balloons were set up for the “night glow,” and this …

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Aug 13

Preview: Tilt Shift Photography

Tilt Shift Photography I recently discovered the phenomenon of tilt shift photography and have since tried my hand at the art.¬†This is actually a fake tilt shift, meaning it wasn’t created by a special lens, but instead was the product of photoshop. You may wonder how it works: When a photographer blurs the foreground and …

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Jul 26

Bible Photography

Bible Photography A few years ago, I laid on the floor of my bedroom with a Bible and a flashlight, and this is what happened. I started with just the pages of my Bible, then progressed on to a ring, and then on to a camera lens combined with the ring. The orange is its …

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